Clear Signs Your Metal Roof Needs Replacement

Metal roofs are a popular choice among homeowners in Hobart, Tasmania, as it lasts long and is characteristically low-maintenance. They can easily last for 50 years and even more with effective roofing maintenance. However, metal roofs are not immune to common roofing problems like wear and tear that comes with aging. 

Metal roofs can withstand extreme weathers, but not for long and can get damaged if it is subjected to harsh weather frequently. Sometimes the damage is so severe that simply repairing a part of the roof will not suffice anymore.

Moreover, poor installation is one of the common reasons why many homes in Hobart, Tasmania, have to get their roof replaced. So, how do you decide if you should repair or replace the metal roof? Here are some warning signs that will help you determine if it’s time to go for metal roof replacement – 

Corrosion and Discolouration

Discoloration of your metal roof is likely due to the expansion of rust on it. Putting an acrylic elastomeric coating on the metal roof can prevent it from rusting. However, once the metal roof loses its protective coating, the roof will start to deteriorate. Once the roof’s steel core has begun to erode, it is best to replace the entire metal roof rather than try to save it.

Brittle and Fragile

Metal roofs are made of dense and thick metal material. Once corrosion starts to eat the steel material, the strong material can easily become fragile and weak. A little force will crack and further degrade the delicate metal roof panels. In such cases, it is best to get the roof replaced at the earliest by calling a professional roofing company like ours.


There might be several reasons why your metal roof might be leaking. Over time, the roof panels can become loose due to severe weather and cause water to penetrate through these openings. While a couple of loose panels might not be troublesome if you notice a large gap through which the water is leaking, replacing the metal roof might be the best option.

Loose Panels

Loose panels can not only result in leaks from the roof; it can also compromise the security of your house. Loose panels on the roof can mean an open invitation to your home for small rodents, insects, and animals who would love to build a nest in temperature-controlled environments. Thus, loose panels can easily be a safety and health hazard, so it is essential to have your roof replaced before it can do any more damage.  

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, you should think about a metal roof replacement. Climatic conditions in your area and the metal roof’s age are the two major culprits that eventually lead to metal roof replacement. However, other elements such as leaks, rust, and loose roof panels can also lead to the need to replace your entire roof. Regular inspection can help you identify the problems soon enough to address them through repairing. Sometimes, the problem is too extensive and expensive, making entire metal roof replacement a better option than just repairing.

Get a Professional Opinion

If you are in a dilemma about whether you should repair or replace your metal roof, call our experienced, licensed, and professional roofers in Hobart, Tasmania. We’ll do a thorough inspection of your metal roof to assess its health and provide you with a comprehensive report that would help you decide and make an informed decision. If your house needs a metal roof replacement in Hobart, Tasmania, call us today for a free consultation or schedule a free roof inspection! 

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