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If you are living in Hobart, Tasmania looking for a roofing contractor to help with your roof repair, restoration, installation or any other roofing service, look no further. We are a professional roofing company and can provide you with any and all of your roofing needs.

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    Thinking about roof restoration?

    Thinking about roof restoration? Having thoughts about its age and how your roof covers you for all these years? But have you thought about how much attention you have paid to it?
    The vast majority of homeowners think about the roof and its condition, but usually when the issue has already occurred. There are many reasons for hiring a roof repair service, but regular maintenance is an essential step in avoiding roof problems and repairs.

    The truth is that the most common problems with the roof are not that big and are avoidable. Leaks and water intrusion are growing slowly over time, but regular inspections can prevent this beforehand. On the other hand, if you neglected regular roof cleaning and maintenance, then a restoration is the next best step.

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    Why Should You Choose Roofing Professionals?

    Alright, so you may have found that your roof has a leak, or you have found several weak locations through-out the roof structure. Therefore you might be thinking about getting a re-roofing. Luckily, this is not always necessary. Here at Hobart roofing contractors, we will inform you exactly whether your roof is suitable for roof restoration or it’s in terrible shape, and you need a full roof replacement.

    Roof Restoration Hobart Tas - Steps In Our Process


    The very first step when it comes to roof restoration is to see if your roof is a good candidate for this process. While some of them only need minor roof repairs, others are too damaged to be saved through restoration. More precisely, this is a visual inspection. Technicians from one of the roofers our team will also look for any water damage and moisture spots via special tools.


    If it is a good candidate for restoration, then we will do the necessary preparations for this task. The most common roof types we are dealing with are primarily tiled, metal, and Colorbond, but we can work with any material. Before we start with the roof restoration process we have to perform a full roof cleaning. We will not start any work until we have determine the exact condition of your roof.

    The Roof Repairs:

    The most crucial step in the entire process. This includes spot treatment of problematic areas .
    Besides that, we will reinforce it by replacing all gravel stops, shingles, and flashings if necessary. We do this to make them significantly stronger and all with professional roofers providing only the best workmanship.

    Adding Protection/Roof Painting:

    In order to enjoy the benefits that come with a roof, we will add extra roof painting/coating for amplification wherever it is necessary. Even more, we will increase the waterproofing level to problematic areas and improve the roof weather barrier

    The best part is the entire roof restoration process can be done without interruption to your home and other daily activities.

    Bottom Line

    Performing roof repairs before your roof gets really bad is always a good way to prevent the need for re-roofing. Our Roofing Professionals in Hobart Tasmania will determine the exact needs for your roof. For a free estimate from our Roof Restoration Experts or if you have a question about whether you need a roof restoration or not, contact us through our webform or call us 03 6118 7223 to see how we can help you! 
    Our team who have years of experience working in Hobart Tas and provide only the best quality workmanship look forward to assisting you.

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